The ‘selfless’ Christmas 

Hello fellow bloggers, 

Sorry to have been away for so long, I am back to kick this blog into what will become a full time diary of which the entire blogging community could read if they very much wanted to. I will be updating as regularly as I wish to so keep looking for sprinklings of updates. 

Today, though, I’m going to complain to you. And it all starts with the changing of the month. 

 Let’s be honest, December is rubbish. Yes, we may like the snow, the festivities but the end of the year is bloody horrible. It’s dark, it’s cold and there’s always a low energy. For me, December has been the worst. 

It has been adorned with bad luck and shitty people throwing their bad temperaments at me. I have been “blessed” with tearful bus journeys and too many injures to count (including one very painful cue ball to the head which happened only two days prior to me writing this) and a crazy amount of homework which I was ,of course, expecting. 

December has been a stress-filled, painful month and I, personally, do not see the allure to the festive period. 

My December blues are sky high this year and I don’t even think that Christmas will inspire even a glimmer of happiness in me. It’s all well and good to say it’s a happy period where you see family and give gifts, remember hope and life but for me it’s quite the pain. 

It’s family in different countries, different continents. 

It’s knowing that there are children all around the world who have nothing. 

It’s being desperate to change the world and never being able to. 

See, to think Christmas is happy, is to ignore everything else in the world. If it is such a “selfless” time, then why are our fellow human race suffering in war torn countries like Syria and Nigeria, why are Native Americans still fighting for their rights to land and water? Why are we not helping the world. 

You might look at December and think of presents, of Christmas and childish joy, but I think of this world and what it has to face with the struggles of the new year. If I could wish for one thing this year, it would be for us, those who have Internet who can spread messages and help people, to do just that. To help, to reach out. If you want to be “selfless ” this Christmas then go out there and help. Do something. Be someone’s saviour. Inspire hope. Be the change that this world must see and never cower in the face of injustice. 

I hope that you have a happy holiday but I also want you to consider the tears this planet sheds this festive period, 

All my love, 

A northern lass 

A.K.A. Natalie Tullock 

The Issue With People Who Cannot Accept Their Mistakes

Hello all,

Here it is. My first real post. And my first complaint. This is your first insight into my slightly annoying and amazingly complex thought processes.

Today I’m going to be complaining about people who cannot accept they are wrong. Let me give you some context to my anger. Recently a ‘friend’ posted on Facebook about how the gap in football pay is understandable between men and women due to fact that female football is not as publicized and therefore they are not earning as much because they are not generating as much profit as the men. This was evidently an issue about the pay gap (which is exactly what the video he posted was about) and he asked if anybody had any ‘valid’ reasons against this.

I suggested that even though I know the platform is smaller for women, if they were at the same publicity scale as men, then the women would still be likely to earn less than their male counterparts. And what did he do? He deleted my post. 

And why, I asked my myself, would he do that? He asked for valid arguments surrounding the pay gap and I gave a valid answer. He didn’t need to reply to my comment, but instead deleted it. Why would somebody do that if my post didn’t bring up something either offensive or opposing their views. They just wouldn’t.

So I messaged him. He, on numerous occasions, told me that I needed to ‘stfu’ or other variations telling me to mute my opinions on the argument. He said that he wasn’t actually talking about the pay gap but it very clearly suggested otherwise. He said that my opinions were facts and so I told some friends about it (both of whom were male, a huge shout out to Niall and Matt on this one). Matt instantly went back to the post, and tried to reason with the aforementioned man.

When confronted he posted something about how it wasn’t the pay gap and in a message said that they would ‘probably get the same as men if they had a larger fan base’ but then suggested that we had the same ideas on the matter. He said that the pay gap was my opinion, and not a fact. To which a couple of people responded with figures, like the fact that women get paid 22% less, on average, than men do. And what did he do? He deleted those figures too.

Why, when in confrontation, can people not accept that they were wrong. My issue isn’t just with the pay gap, that is what fueled me to write this post, but my issue is with the idea that people refuse to accept their wrongdoings. Do I personally understand sports, no, so I said that women should get the same pay for the same work, but then corrected my view when I saw that it was also based off publicity. I admitted my wrong (which he also deleted) but why can’t he. Why is it, that when people are proved wrong, they instantly turn into the biggest – insert choice insult here -.

Because that was how he acted. Was I perhaps a little rude, a little too upfront, maybe. But that is what my personality is like. I get things out and then deal with my consequences later.

If you are wrong about something, and there is clear evidence that you are wrong. Factual evidence that is certainly NOT an opinion, then why do people act like a toddler who had their toys taken away. Why do they feel that it is perfectly acceptable to delete a view that is very real, and challenges theirs because they ‘couldn’t be arsed with it.’ Would it then, not be wiser to just ignore my point? Yes, it would.

People nowadays are so butthurt if somebody so much as challenges their views. I opened up a debate that I was prepared for, and they left me a stage to do so.

I’m not saying that people aren’t entitled to their own opinions, they certainly are, but so am I. Why can’t people just accept that if you are right about something and can prove it, that is that. But I do suppose that ignorance is bliss, and that those who cannot accept that they are wrong sometimes will likely lose a few friends along the way. Accepting that you are wrong about one thing does not make you any less of a person, if fact it makes you better that you can accept others views. At the end of the day, just don’t be butthurt if you’ve been proved wrong and move along.

Life is too short to get into arguments that have already been battled. Just take a backseat and enjoy a cup of tea.


A Northern Lass.

A.k.a Natalie Tullock.

An introduction to me

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

Most of you will be friends that I have forced to visit, I apologize but please read on.Those of you who have stumbled upon this little gem, I welcome you.  I’m, as my blog says, Natalie Tullock.

I’m 16 years old, a lover of great literature, a self-declared nerd and a right Northern lass. Does that mean I complain? Hell yes. Does it mean that I have a specific preference for the name of a teacake? Of course it does. This blog is dedicated to the great Northern art of complaining, my obsession with Literature and the general mundanity of the human life.

I should update my blog once a week, you may even get the joy of two times a week, if I’m feeling particularly grumpy that is. These little anecdotes will be chocked full of dry humour, witty comments and a just a pinch of sass. If you love a good laugh (mainly at others expense) then I’m sure that you’ll love this blog.

I’m looking forward to you reading, feel free to drop me a comment, I’ll be posting my first real update soon.


Natalie Tullock.